Influencer Casting

Leave it to us for influencer marketing in the fields of cosmetics and beauty treatments!

We will cast influencers according to your company’s brand and policy objectives, and promote your company’s products and services in a natural way.
We can cast Japanese and Malaysian influencers.

Why Influencer Marketing is Important

Easier to approach the target audience

Influencer marketing is very effective in reaching a specific target audience. If an influencer has a devoted fan base, they are likely to share the same interests, making it an efficient way to reach out to people interested in the item.

High credibility of influencers

Influencers have built a relationship of trust with their followers, so they will not engage in advertising or PR that betrays that trust. Influencers cast by our company will undertake PR only if the person himself/herself likes the product/service. Therefore, it is more reliable than conventional advertising, and natural PR that is easier for consumers to accept is possible.

SNS has a great influence

Social media is now an important communication tool for modern consumers, and influencers are especially influential among them. When influencers introduce items to their followers, the item becomes a hot topic and becomes widely known.

High ROI

Influencer marketing is said to have a high ROI (Return on Investment). By having individual influencers promote products and services without going through an advertising agency, it is possible to carry out highly effective promotions while keeping advertising costs down.

Our strength

We are building a network of beauty influencers in Japan and Malaysia.

Yumi Ureshino, our representative, is active as an active influencer (over 450,000 social media followers) and is familiar with trends in the influencer marketing industry.

You can also request a trial from a low budget (1,000 USD ~).

\ Many influencers strong in the beauty field /

Beauty products (salons, clinics, cosmetics, skin care, supplements, treatments, etc.)
Casting influencers with marketing knowledge and extensive PR experience
Over 40 million total followers (Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Xiaohongshu)

  • The king of short videos. TikTok is ideal for cosmetics and other how to content.

TikTok has a user population of over 1 billion and is considered the sparkplug for short videos. TikTok’s creators create the PR videos and broadcast them from their own accounts. TikTok creators will create PR videos and transmit them from their own accounts. TikTok creators create PR videos and send them out from their own accounts, supplementing them with product or service promotion points and responding to comments to realize casting that leads to user purchases.

  • Cosmetics / Makeup
  • Household goods
  • Other (gadgets / cars / real estate / food manufacturers), etc.
  • Twitter is the best choice for cost-effectiveness, with a track record of 600 purchases and counting per post.

Promotion via Twitter is the most efficient promotion among SNS because of its strong diffusion power and smooth guidance to the website. Actually, our representative Ureshino posted about one clinic in Korea, has seen more than five Japanese customers visit the clinic every day, whereas before there were no Japanese customers at all. However, while Twitter has strong spreading power, it also has the risk of flame wars. We place importance on building a good and continuous relationship for companies, users, and influencers by protecting the trust of users without stealth marketing.

  • Beauty Products (Supplements / Skin Care / Cosmetics)
  • Beauty esthetic salons / Beauty clinics / Plastic surgery
  • Sideworks, etc.
  • Great for inbound marketing! The No. 1 Women’s Choice for Xiaohongshu

Xiaohongshu (RED) is a social networking service from China with about 300 million registered users, 90% of whom are women. It is reminiscent of the early days of Instagram, as posts about luxury living are prominent and have a significant impact on others’ purchasing decisions. Amateur bloggers can promote the impression that it is trendy and highly popular by introducing it in its early stages and increasing exposure. In Malaysia in particular, Xiaohongshu is popular among upper-middle to middle class women of Chinese Malaysian descent.

  • Chinese Malaysians: approx. 7.5 million
  • Singapore population: approx. 5.7 million
  • Hong Kong population: approx. 7.5 million
  • Restaurant / Hotel / Sightseeing
  • Beauty Salon / Esthetics
  • Cosmetics / Apparel, etc.

Influencer casting cost

You can also request a trial from a low budget (1,000 USD ~).
“Performance-based PR” that fluctuates according to the number of views and reach is also possible.
*We do not accept affiliates.

>> Please contact us for more information.

Flow of Implementation

Hearing (Zoom interview)

We will ask you about the purpose, content, target, scale, schedule, and budget of the desired promotion.

Design Management

We will propose an effective plan and a list of influencers based on the content of the hearing.

Screening ~ Casting

After reviewing the above design management and making a decision, we will make a casting offer to the influencer.

Final confirmation

Final check of promotion contents and arrangements


Promotion based on the content determined.

SNS account management (specializing in short videos)

This is a short video-specific social networking account management that we have been doing since 2019. We will focus on growing the number of customers you attract and will provide support for everything from account branding to video planning and production. By growing your account, you can improve the recognition and branding of your products, services, and company.

Recommended for

  • Individuals and companies who have products or services they want to sell.
  • Those who want to increase CPA and sales prospects for their target audience, not for the purpose of increasing the number of followers.
  • Those who want to focus on attracting customers from SNS (e.g., increase inflow from SNS to LINE@, HP, and product pages)


500,000 (including tax)/month, from 3 months of operation 【SNS Media】 TikTok ・LINEVOOM, etc.

Monthly online MTG / Chat consulting / Strategy design / Trend sharing / Lecture on video shooting and editing techniques / Market research / Outsourced video shooting (1-2 times/month) / Outsourced editing (from 15 videos/month) / Submission of video draft confirmation / Caption and sound source selection and submission / Video delivery / Comments and DMs Management of the video / PR of 200,000 views…

*Plan and costs vary depending on content. Please contact us for actual results and details.

Representative introduction

嬉野ゆみ Yumi Ureshino
She founded company while she was in college in 2016 and she started influencer marketing business and later sold it. She is currently living in Malaysia and working as an influencer herself, with a total of 450,000 followers on social networking sites, mainly on Instagram. On Twitter, she says “woman who chooses rather than a woman who is chosen.” Moreover, her undisciplined comments as a female entrepreneur, her posts on beauty information and her own experiences with the latest anti-aging treatments have gained popularity and support among young women. Now she is involved in producing beauty clinics and SNS marketing in Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and other Asian countries.

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