About Empression

Company NameEmpression Co., Ltd.
CEOYumi Ureshino
Date of establishment26/JUL/2021
AuditorCWC & ENG PLT (LLP0014706-LCA) 
Management officeOffice 11, Robin Business Centre 4, Ground Floor, Lot 52, Block E, O&G SEC Lazenda, Jalan Ranca-Ranca, 87000 Federal Territory of Labuan, Malaysia
Marketing officeKLCC, Kuala Lumpur (only contact)
Business HoursMonday-Friday 9am~5pm(Malaysia Time) / Weekends & Holidays are closed

Vision of us

Supporting people realize days free from the anxiety of “aging”.

Representative message

Suddenly, what do you think is the #1 thing you need to do to become beautiful?

I have started Instagram and loved myself as improving myself.

However, what if you do beauty treatments or lose weight for the purpose of looking beautiful, but end up with dry hair, lackluster skin, and ragged teeth? Without a youthful and healthy foundation, “Healthy beauty” will not be possible.

So, what should we do to maintain a body with a strong immune system, stamina that does not decline, fresh skin, and a high metabolism?

The important point is “preventing aging”. As human beings, we cannot achieve “immortality” because we are living organisms. However, while accepting the fact that we will age, it is possible to regain our youthfulness and slow down the pace of aging through diligent efforts. People struggle daily with the fear of aging. Through my business, I would like to realize days free from such anxieties.

Empression Co., Ltd. CEO Yumi Ureshino

Profile of Representative Yumi Ureshino

📍 Born in Japan, living in Malaysia🇲🇾

She founded company while she was in college in 2016 and she started influencer marketing business and later sold it. She is currently living in Malaysia and working as an influencer herself, with a total of 450,000 followers on social networking sites, mainly on Instagram. On Twitter, she says “woman who chooses rather than a woman who is chosen.” Moreover, her undisciplined comments as a female entrepreneur, her posts on beauty information and her own experiences with the latest anti-aging treatments have gained popularity and support among young women. Now she is involved in producing beauty clinics and SNS marketing in Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and other Asian countries.

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